Antique European Window
I found this darling German window at a market in the very town we lived which was nestled in the Mosel River Valley. This window was an original attic window of a historic house in our town and the owners were selling because they had just recently installed new windows to go along with a modern renovation on their home. I promptly scarfed the cutie up and wheeled her home in my trusty wheely cart. I found the tiny windowpanes so charming and if you've ever visited Germany or France, you'll immediately recognize the style as so very European - it's the type of window you see on almost all the beautiful historic homes. The painted wood is incredibly weathered and warped which lends such a rich patina to the overall look - it almost resembles grayed driftwood which I find so romantic! Original metal hinges and a small original knob can be found on the back of the window which add to the rustic charm. The window frame is entirely wooden except for the small, horizontal windowpanes on the glass - those appear to be aluminum. The window had been painted white at sometime and the paint is currently very sparse and chippy {which I love!}. However, if you'd prefer it to be more gray to resemble natural weathered wood, you could chip the remaining white paint completely off to achieve that look.

The window measures 17" x 27.5 inches.

Price: $145.00 + shipping*
*If you'd like to purchase, please e-mail me at with your zip code for a shipping quote. I will then send you an invoice via PayPal. 

The idea of using an antique window as a seating chart display is nothing new but it's such a beautiful idea so I styled it for show and tell purposes. You can see more photos of the window in this blog post I wrote.

And the best part is there are sooo many ways you can style these beauties in your home after the wedding. One of my friends in Germany used an old window as a bulletin board in her office - she'd use washi tape to attach vintage postcards/inspiration and she'd drape the most adorable glittered bunting across the windowpanes - it was amazing and I should have taken a photo to show you guys! You can also hang them or prop them against the wall in your living room or dining room as a statement piece and the best part of it all is that it will always remind you of your big day!

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