Canard Duchene bucket
Vintage French Champagne Buckets
While living in Germany close to the French border, I frequented French flea markets and was always on the lookout for charming champagne buckets. And they weren't too hard to find as I was in the heart of French champagne country. I currently have around 20 buckets for sale and have shared photos of most on this page. They were all privately sourced by me throughout France. I am happy to sell them individually or in bundles. If you're interested in a bundle deal, please e-mail me at theclassicbride[at]gmail[dot]com. I think they'd look lovely lining a long table at a wedding reception! And champagne buckets are incredibly easy to style - you literally just need to make a trip to your local floral market and pick up a bunch of your favorite blooms to drop in. I'm using hydrangeas but I think a cluster of white tulips mixed with ranunculus would be jaw-droppingly gorge. All are in excellent vintage condition - no rusting or holes! Just a little worn from all the loving use they've received in France which has given them a wondrous patina. Most measure around ~10 inches tall but they do vary. If you're interested in the dimensions of a specific bucket, just e-mail me with the description name and I'll get right back to you. :)
Price: $75.00 each + shipping*
*If you'd like to purchase, please e-mail me at with your zip code for a shipping quote. I will then send you an invoice via PayPal. 

Cuvee bucket
Bouzy bucket
Ernest Rapeneau bucket
Lorentz bucket
Besserat de Belleton bucket
Michel Garitan bucket
Loriot-Pagel bucket
Michel Garitan No. 2 bucket
Canard Duchene No. 2 bucket
Andre bucket