I’ve had a serious thing for vintage fans for as long as I can remember. I think it started with trips to my grandmother’s house before I even understood the concept of “vintage.” I would fall asleep to the peaceful hum and whir of an old metal fan and perhaps I’ve equated that sound with all of the love and happiness that existed inside that house. Whatever the reason, I adore the graceful curves of the metal and the pastel shades of the base and blades. They emit such a friendly vibe and can easily stand alone as a piece of artwork, making them the perfect wedding accessory in my mind. I think they’d be beyond lovely placed around a long dining table for an outdoor summer wedding … a great vintage touch and a stylish way to cool off guests. ;o)

Retro-licious Tiffany-blue-colored fan
I found this darling at a sweet boutique on Magazine Street in New Orleans a few years ago and instantly knew she'd be perfect for a spring or summer wedding ... can't you just imagine her sitting by the guestbook at a courtyard wedding or atop a long farmhouse table cooling guests?

This charming GE fan is vintage and works great! It runs at a good single speed but does not oscillate. I'm pretty sure if it was taken to a repairman, it could be made to oscillate but it works nicely just as it is. Wiring and cord is original. The on/off switch is on the top back and is a simple push button.

Price: $95.00 + shipping*
*If you'd like to purchase, please e-mail me at theclassicbride@gmail.com with your zip code for a shipping quote. I will then send you an invoice via PayPal.