I found that little piece of paper w/Eva's info as I was taking the typewriter out of its carrying case!
Classic Black (Tie) Antique Typewriter
This is a gorgeous German Triumph Norm-6 Typewriter which features the beautiful blue Triumph shield on the upper-right corner. The shiny glass +chrome keys are in perfect condition. On the front of the typewriter just below the space bar it reads "Triumph Werke Nurnberg A.G. Nurnberg. It also has a small plaque above the number keys reading "Leo Goertz | Saarlautern | Telefon 2978." I believe the plaque was put on by the shop which sold the typewriter. And the slip of paper shown in the photo above contains the info of the person I believe owned the typewriter - talk about history - this little machine has it! I was told by the vendor that the typewriter dates back to the mid-1930s. The serial number is 182188.

This deliciously retro typewriter is in excellent vintage condition and has no chips or cracks. The painted metal casing is a shiny black and is in pristine condition with the exception of a little rusting in the very front (seen in photos). All keys are working but a few are sticking a bit - I think after a little bit of use they would work just fine. The return bell lets out the most delightful ring. The typewriter comes with its original hard carrying cover/case (which shows a little wear) and has a cute leather handle that makes transporting a cinch. The typewriter measures approximately 10.5" wide x 12.5" deep x 4.5" high.

Note: Because this is a German typewriter, the keys are in a different layout than American typewriters (called QWERTZ rather than QWERTY). However, all keys are fully functioning. Also, the typewriter ribbon has dried out a little bit so it will probably need to be replaced with a fresh universal ribbon to produce crisp letters. The current ribbon is still working but the ink is slowly fading.
Price: $248.00 + shipping*
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